Features of Murdoch's Irish Legal Companion:

  • Murdoch's Dictionary of Irish Law edited by Dr Brian Hunt, Solicitor and containing over 10,300 legal definitions from “a coelo usque ad centrum” to “zoonoses”.
  • Irish Acts of the Oireachtas implemented from 1922 to the present
  • Irish Statutory Instruments from 1922 to the present
  • Pre-1922 Legislation selected material
  • Constitution of Ireland with amendments to the present
  • Statute Law Restatements of the AG and Law Reform Commission to the present
  • High Court Judgments from 2003 to the present
  • Supreme Court Judgments from 2001 to the present
  • Court of Criminal Appeal Judgments from 2004 to the present
  • Law Reform Commission Reports, Consultation Papers and Working Papers to the present
  • Iris Oifigiúil issues from January 2007 to the present
  • Law Society Gazette issues from 1997 to the present
  • Supplementary Irish information including:
    • Houses of Oireachtas Standing Orders
    • Irish Takeover Rules & the Substantial Acquisition Rules
    • Code of Conduct for Bar of Ireland
    • Irish Stock Exchange Listing Rules
    • MIBI Agreements
  • Supplementary European information including:
    • European Treaties
    • European Legislation (selected)
    • European Court Judgments (selected)
    • European Convention on Human Rights
  • States the law as enacted on 1st January 2012 but enacted legislation to the present
  • Extensive cross-referencing between dictionary and legislation
  • Comprehensive Bibliography on legal books, websites, DVD/CD and other legal resources.

Latest update information:

  • Latest weekly update completed on 27th March 2016
  • Over 1,500 New and Amended Dictionary Legal Definitions added in 2014
  • Acts of The Oireachtas to 27th March 2016 (Act 4/2016)
  • Statutory Instruments to 27th March 2016 (SI 141/2015)
  • High Court Judgments to March 2016
  • Supreme Court Judgments to March 2016
  • Court of Criminal Appeal Judgments to March 2016
  • Law Society Gazette issues updated to 27th March 2016 (Mar issue)
  • Law Reform Commission Reports to 27th March 2016 (No. 115)
  • Iris Oifigiúil Issues to 27th March 2016 (No. 25)